Every SUstand set contains four stands for your tablet: two low and two high models. The high model is convenient for viewing and the low one for typing, browsing or playing on your tablet. The stands are pre-cut on a piece of recycled cardboard that you can easily split and bend by yourself – contributing to our great design and giving your SUstands a personal final touch.
  • Take the SUstand set out of the envelope and unfold it
  • Move and bend gently alongside the dotted edges so as to detach one stand from the rest of the structure
  • Gently bend the stand inwards
  • Repeat for the other three stands

Have a look at the video instructions for unpacking your SUstand:

P.S. If you’ve got plenty of old cardboard boxes at home, you can convert them all to SUstands by yourself. Download the drawing, take a cutting knife and get down to business!